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Best Beaches In Or Near Falmouth

By capitalizing on its rich maritime legacy as well as rich cultural heritage and many world-renowned tourist attractions, Falmouth has slowly but surely transformed its many beaches into a complete holiday treat for vacationers and thrill-seekers alike. Anyone travelling to Cornwall should check out Falmouth.

The Environmentally-Attuned Gyllyngvase Beach

With a well-renowned café and the prestige of a Blue Flag recognition, the Gyllyngvase Beach is one of Falmouths most sought-after beaches.

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Leisure Activity is Important for Everyone


Stress and depression are a major problem today, bothering a considerable number of people the world over. What is interesting is that people do not understand just how effective a simple leisure activity can fix such problems without much hustle. For people of all ages, leisure time activities can help maintain mental wellness if well managed.

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